Rush Schedule - Fall Semester

Fall Semester Rush typically starts around the same time as the first SAC fair during the beginning of the year. Incoming member class sizes vary, and we have no quota to fill. The size of the new member class will depend on the strength and commitment of the applicant pool. Sigma Alpha Epsilon represent's a diverse group of individuals whose interests span many areas. As such, we have no specific individual qualities that we are seeking, and will evaluate each rush fairly and holistically. 

The Rush Chair, which changes each semester, is in charge of organizing and informing potential rushes about events and opportunities to meet current SAE brothers. If you have any questions about rush, please contact the Rush Chair.

Rush Schedule - Spring Semester

Spring Semester Rush is not a guaranteed rush period and does not happen every year. Typically, Spring Rush represents a smaller applicant pool and a smaller incoming member class. Otherwise, Spring Rush operates on a similar, if not identical, program as Fall Rush. Feel free to contact any current SAE brothers or the Rush Chair to learn more about your opportunities with our Spring Rush.

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